What We Can Forecast About Vaping in 2019

The vaping industry will increase its popularity, as the customers demand a better vaping experience

Recent years have seen the rapid growth of E-cigarettes and vaping devices. The number of people vaping is mounting rapidly, according to the World Health Organization, as it has increased from 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016, which largely relies on the improvement of technology as well as a more satisfying experience for the users.

With a brand-new year on the horizon, let me invite you to take a glimpse of where the vaping industry will go for 2019.

Laws and Regulations

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched an investigation into the E-cigarette manufacturer including N-JOY, JUUL as well as several other E-cigarette companies, particularly examining the ways in which these companies have targeted the younger users.

Dr. Osita Onugha, director of thoracic surgery research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in California, welcomes the additional FDA scrutiny to help reduce the public health risks of e-cigarettes.
He said, “If the FDA finds that companies are using illegal or illicit chemicals in e-cigarettes, it could potentially lead to a ban on e-cigarettes from certain companies.”

“Overall, this would likely force companies to harbor less toxic chemicals in their e-cigarettes, which would ultimately drive its use. I am optimistic that the more the public pays attention to the chemicals in e-cigarettes, the less likely people would want to place these chemicals in their body,” Onugha said.

With regards to vaping regulations, more and more researches about vaping are indicating that the devices of vaping are relatively safer and more effective than cigarettes as smoking cessation tools. The market leaders hope that more countries will recognize the devices as harm reduction tools and relax their laws accordingly.

Above all, towards vaping, people still harbor the optimism and the anxiety that goes with it in the coming 2019.

Innovative Technology

Look at the smartphones and tablets we use now compared to cell phones of a decade ago. The innovative technology that the upgrades of smartphones have utilized is far exceeding our imagination and beyond. The vaping industry will follow suit. In 2019, you are expected to see a vape with more customization, a longer battery life, digital displays, ergonomic design, and better charging.

You might be able to look forward:

  • Have built-in juice storage
  • Find more nicotine-free e-juices available
  • A greater variety of flexible vaping kits to work with almost every flavor available
  • Utilize battery packs instead of the current lithium-ion batteries
  • Have WIFI capability to receive updates
  • Utilize fingerprint recognition or touchscreens
  • More vegetable glycerin is expected for its increased production of vapor and a much smoother experience.

As known to all, the essence of the whole vaping device lies in the magnetic pod system that could prevent leaks and spills. More and more pod products, such as the NJOY Ace pods, adopt the new vaping technology from FEELM that combines a metal film with a ceramic conductor, which is regarded as a breakthrough in Material and Structural Science and improves the flavor, leak-proof and vaporizing efficiency to another level. In 2019, It will not be so much surprising to find more vaping devices that adopts the FEELM technology being traded in the global market.

Offline to Online

As the opening of brick and mortar shops becomes a more expensive and intricate process, many new vaping businesses are opening exclusively online. Meanwhile, numerous offline vendors have also been migrating online.

As more smokers realize the potential health benefits of forgoing cigarettes and picking up vaping, the industry enjoys a promising future and continued growth.
To the largest extent, innovation will always be a driving factor in that growth.

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