The New Bleacher Bums

Wikipedia defines The “Bleacher Bums” as: a name given to fans, many of whom spend much of the day heckling, who sit in the bleacher section at Wrigley Field. Initially, the group was called “bums” because it referred to a group of fans who were at most games, and since those games were all day games, it was assumed they did not work.

We may or may not be in a long-term relationship.

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Colleen Henneman

A distinct Cubs fan, Colleen Henneman is one of the new generation of Bleacher Bums that radio-documentarian Justin Kaufmann discovered, and chose to follow for his multi-part Web series for the radio “The New Bleacher Bums.” Colleen works for California tan, and is in a somewhat-complicated relationship with Todd Voorhies. You can follow Colleen’s adventures on Twitter @HennemanColleen

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Todd Voorhies

Todd is a Really Big Cubs Fan. Resident of Wrigleyville for the last decade, he has come to find this section of his Chicago is his own personal church. He prays at Wrigley. He takes communion at Cubby Bear. He bleeds red blood. Todd is at a crossroads in life. He can’t imagine life outside of Wrigleyville, but there is the little bird on his shoulder (named Colleen) that is suggesting they see what things are like on the other side of Fullerton Ave. Todd tweets when he thinks about it at @ToddVoorhies.

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